Good news – the City made a deal!

The City of Gresham sent out an announcement on Friday (June 18, 2021) saying that they made a deal with “all parties” to purchase the Shaull woods and wetlands! THIS IS GREAT NEWS! Here is the announcement:

Update on Shaull property

Recently, nearly 1,000 people voted which projects they’d most like to see receive funds from Gresham’s share of the 2019 Metro Parks and Nature Bond. Purchase of the “Shaull property,” a 7.9 acre property with wetlands and trees next to Southwest Community Park, received the most votes, with strong community advocacy and support.

As a result, Gresham City Council directed staff to proceed to negotiate a potential City purchase of this property, which would preserve the natural area and prevent the development of 30 homes. On June 15, a purchase and sale agreement was signed by all parties, which is the first step towards potential City ownership of the site.

The agreement outlines a purchase price of $2.5 million, with an additional $175,000 to cover full demolition of all structures on site and various other expenses including site cleanup and environmental consulting. 

Funding sources include:

  • A portion of Gresham’s “Local Share” allocation from Metro’s Parks and Nature Bond. The City’s application for these funds is currently under review by Metro staff.
  • $200,000 from our partners at the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.

What happens next?
Starting June 15, the City has 45 days to complete a number of tasks that would lead to the potential final sale:

  • An environmental site assessment.
  • An appraisal.
  • City Council formal approval of the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
  • Formal approval from Metro to expend Local Share funding on this project.

The goal is to close and finalize the purchase by September 15. However, given the complexity of the site and the reliance on Metro funding, the City has the option to extend the closing date to November 1 if necessary.

Is this purchase final?
The purchase is not final until the transaction is closed. While the City is optimistic for a positive outcome, those who have gone through a real estate transaction can appreciate the many factors that come into play. If issues arise within the next 45 days—for example, if the results of the environmental site assessment raise red flags or if there are funding gaps—the City can withdraw from the purchase and retain our earnest money deposit.

Future updates
The City will update the public on or around July 30, which is the 45-day mark. We recognize that many in the community are passionate about this property and would like more details. While we appreciate the input, at this time, we are required to adhere to the confidentiality of the agreement and subsequent negotiations. No additional information will be provided at this time. 

More information on the Metro Parks and Nature Bond and previous reports on the Shaull property can be found at

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