What people are saying

Comments from the Change.org petition

“This is a critical spot for habitat, including for endangered turtles and many migratory birds, as well as larger mammals like the coyote. Tree coverage is also important for mitigating the effects of climate change. Save this area of woods, beloved by neighbors, essential for biodiversity.”

“We can’t continue to sacrifice areas that support biodiversity in the name of development. The plans will – if carried out – chop out a significant part of the wooded area and likely damage and pollute the adjacent wetlands. And by doing so, the development will further reduce the amount of land where birds and animals can live and rest on their migratory journeys. So many species are becoming extinct – must we continue down the path of destruction?”

“Destroying wetland-adjacent habitat and cutting hundreds of trees is the definition of ecocide. The fact that it is for single-family homes is even more egregious.”

“I’m signing because I know how critically important 8 acres (or even less, depending) of undeveloped land is to the surrounding nature, and as a wetlands area also the essential role this delicate infrastructure is to species diversity, to the vital and natural…(read: very low-cost; mother nature’s purification is free if we just allow for it)… ..cleaning/detoxification of groundwater, to the water that eventually affects us all. The area, by nature’s design, also acts as a sponge, holding good water, protecting against flooding or land erosion. I URGE FOR NO DEVELOPMENT of this area, and fully SUPPORT THIS PETITION. Thank you.”

“Tired of beautiful land being developed for profit.”

“I believe we must safe the wetlands and tree’s for the wildlife that lives there and stops for a save spot during migration. It is the one thing that makes Gresham beautiful.”

“I live here and want to see this area protected”

“I believe it is vital to save this natural area!!”

“100% in support of additional housing opportunities for future homeowners.”

“Developers have far too much money and power and no sense of ethics that they use to destroy nature and habitat. Birds and other wildlife are being forced from their homes and food sources so developers can make money. Towns, cities, etc. allow this because they can make money and probably not always legally.”

“Enough is enough with predatory developers destroying precious wildlife habitats. We have a responsibility to protect the natural environment.”

“I am signing because it is a unique area that needs to be preserved from any development and provide a unique habitat in the metro area for wildlife.”

“When new construction comes in, manmade water mitigation systems must be constructed. Here we have a natural wetlands, the lifeblood of an ecosystem. It should be protected not destroyed. There are other parcels of land available for development. This should remain as it is.”

“I live in the neighborhood on the opposite side of the Fairview Creek Headwaters & so can attest to the value of this grove of old-growth trees to our local environment. This natural area abuts wetlands & I urge my elected officials in the City of Gresham to buy the Shaull property and preserve it for the health of our neighborhood & wildlife!”

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