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A great egret in the wetlands

It’s important to save this area as habitat, because…

  • It’s the last unprotected habitat in a mosaic of wetlands, open water, prairie, forested uplands and forested buttes.
  • It’s the headwaters for Fairview Creek and flows into Johnson Creek during flooding.
  • This area provides habitat for egrets, raptors, otters, turtles, and many other species.
  • Some remediation is necessary because of tree root rot disease and non-native species, including blackberries.
  • The property is the last remaining piece of a farm that was owned by the Shaull family.
  • Potentially serious issues exist with farm-related chemicals that need proper removal and disposal.
  • The issues must be addressed in environmentally sensitive ways.

Please write to the Mayor and City Council and ask them about the timeline for buying the Shaull property. We can’t rest until it’s finalized. See https://save267trees.org/why-you-still-need-to-write-to-city-council/

For more information, please explore this website.

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