Why we have to save the Shaull property!

The Shaull property is a forest and wetland that’s part of the Grant Butte Wetlands.

The Grant Butte Wetlands stretches for a mile between Division and Powell, all of it visible from the Gresham-Fairview Trail. On any day, raptors are on the hunt, beaver dens are busy, and dozens of small animals go about their lives right in front of you.

These wetlands are home to many Pacific Northwest flora and fauna:

  • Northern harrier
  • Turkey vulture
  • People
  • Violet green swallow
  • Great blue heron
  • Cattails
  • North American beaver
  • Black-tailed deer
  • Red twig dogwood
  • Red-winged blackbird
  • River otter
  • Kestrel
  • Western tiger swallowtail
  • Common merganser
  • Raccoon
  • Skunk cabbage
  • Green heron
  • American bittern
  • Garter snake
  • Western spirea
  • Eight-spotted skimmer
  • Western painted turtle
  • Pacific waterleaf
  • Swamp rose
  • Northern red-legged frog
  • Rough-skinned newt
  • Source: https://www.oregonmetro.gov/news/coloring-grant-butte-wetlands

We hope that City of Gresham will buy the Shaull property. If it doesn’t, the natural habitat will be forever lost. The wetlands will be damaged by cutting down 267 trees, bulldozing and construction, and by the new property owners who may spray herbicides and pesticides on their yards. You can see all the trees that are to be cut down in the diagram below. Note that two of the lots are shaped to accommodate the wetlands boundary. If there is flooding in the future, there will be more damage to the wetlands. Please select #4 Shaull property purchase and park access improvements in the survey!


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