Write to City Council

We need to ask, “What’s the timeline for purchasing the Shaull property?”

Please write to the Mayor and City Council members.

Here are some options:

  • Send an email the Mayor and City Council members individually. Here are the individual email addresses of the Mayor and City Council members.
MayorTravis StovallMayor@GreshamOregon.gov
CouncilorDana DiNucciDina.DiNucci@GreshamOregon.gov
CouncilorEddy Morales
Note: he’s working to help save Shaull forest. Please thank him.
CouncilorVince Jones-DixonVincent.JonesDixon@GreshamOregon.gov
CouncilorMario PalmeroMario.Palmero@GreshamOregon.gov
CouncilorSue PiazzaSue.Piazza@GreshamOregon.gov
CouncilorJanine GladfelterJanine.Gladfelter@GreshamOregon.gov

  • Call the Mayor and City Council members (leave a message).
Mayor Travis Stovall503-618-2584
City Council members (one phone number for all)503-618-2871

  • Write a real paper-and-pen letter to the Mayor and City Council members (by May 5, to allow time for your letter to get to them). The links below go to their individual profile pages. The street address is the same for all of them.

Mayor Travis Stovall
Councilor Dina DiNucci
Councilor Eddy Morales
Councilor Vince Jones-Dixon
Councilor Mario Palmero
Councilor Sue Piazza
Councilor Janine Gladfelter

Their address:
Gresham City Hall, 3rd Floor
1333 NW Eastman Parkway
Gresham, OR 97030

Thank you!

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